timeline in other app frameworks?


I managed to get the Cesium earth rendering in an Ext JS app by
setting up the Cesium scene on a canvas controlled by Ext. I see now
there's a jQuery sandcastle example which is similar. Just wondering
if it's straightforward to get the Timeline also working embedded in
another app framework? It seems the timeline wants to attach to an
html div rather than a canvas. I guess it's possible to have the
timeline as a totally separate element outside the Ext UI? Any tips
for getting this working, preferably embedded?


Hi Chris,

The timeline is indeed its own thing separate from the canvas. In our CesiumViewerWidget, we have a separate div that floats over the canvas, positioned there by CSS.

The core of timeline is in Source\Widgets, and it can run stand-alone without the Source\Widgets\Dojo part. So it should be possible to get it working in other frameworks, by skipping the Dojo dependency. We’re planning to make this more obvious later, for example most of the functionality of our Dojo widgets shouldn’t (in my opinion) be Dojo-specific, they should be framework-free logic for setting up Cesium and implementing common controls, which can be wrapped by jQuery or Dojo with ease. But we have a lot on our plate at the moment and haven’t got to this yet.

Be sure to take a look at Apps\TimelineDemo. You can copy that code and use CSS to place the timeline over the canvas.