Toolbar Widget

I’m glad to see that we are replacing the toolbar in the upper-right corner. We’ve received some less-than-positive feedback on the design of the current one.

I’d like to see us consider its design along with the navigation widget. For example, do bounding-box zoom and default view belong on the navigation widget?

We should also very carefully decide what is visible by default, which of-course will vary from app to app. Our current toolbar takes up too much screen real estate. For example, see it on the front page of the website. For the general viewer, a task needs to be common enough to justify its space, e.g., something like switching projections is probably not common enough, but going full-screen is. We should strive to keep things beautiful and simple like, for example, Google Maps.



That page is very much a work in progress, which is why I hadn’t emailed out to cesium-dev yet, but we’re open for feedback or thoughts if people have it.

One thing we want to avoid is re-inventing the wheel of other UI toolkits out there. So rather than get to astronaut-like in our designs, I think we’re just going to implement a first pass at a “standard” tool bar and use that as a kick-off point for further discussion.

Full-screen will definitely be moved to the lower-right corner, just like video players have. so that’s less space right there.

As far as whether projections are important or not, I was thinking of rolling that into the “Stored views” scene-mode drop down, so you choose “2D Mercator” instead of just 2D, that would clean up real estate and still expose the functionality.

I think Various mouse modes could also be a single drop-down, since one mode will only be active at a time.

The above ideas leave us with just 3 buttons on the main toolbar, 1. Stored views, 2. Scene modes, 3. Mouse modes. That should make the toolbar 50% smaller than it is currently.

Full-screen will definitely be moved to the lower-right corner, just like video players have. so that’s less space right there.


Did you see the navigation widget comments? All I see is putting mouse modes as a drop-down, which does not address having navigation control in two different parts of the UI.


Sorry, I saw them but didn’t respond. I think bounding box zoom type functionality doesn’t really belong on the Navigation Widget. But that’s just my opinion. That being said, if we design them both properly from a visual standpoint, the main toolbar and navigation widget should flow together nicely when laid out in the Viewer, so ultimately it may be a moot point.


I do have some experience with dropdown boxes in a map UI (The users of my app were able to select a GEarth based 3D view in a dd box) - I would say that only 5% of the users have ever clicked on it, based on the feedback I get when I convert this to a toolbar button.

I don’t say that this is a problem, only something to keep in mind when designing a UI.

Introducing analytics could help determine user behavior but I don’t think people using Cesium currently could be considered as “standard” users - unless may be when talking about the Santa traker.