Transforming multiple polylines with same reference ?

Hi, I have a kinda “heavy” operation that computes a number of polylines positions for one single position, after a while a user may change these polylines position,
but as they are part of the same entity it should be enough to just move them by the new single position change. at first I thought that I could just check the difference of that single point position and transform the outer points by adding that difference, but it seems that for some reason it is not always the same result that the operation would have returned, does anyone know what I am doing wrong ?

Is there a correct way of creating a transformation matrix in cesium? shouldn’t it just be a straight forward identity matrix + the changed values ?


Sorry, but I don’t exactly understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Could you put together a demo?

You might get weird results using a transformation matrix for polyline positions because the positions snap to the ellipsoid surface by default. A linear transform wouldn’t take the curvature of the earth into consideration.