Trim the size of SampledProperty / SampledPositionProperty

We are using SampledProperty / SampledPositionProperty to display the (almost) real-time orientation and position of a vessel. We do not really care about the ‘old’ positions, but we need the interpolation to get a smooth movement.
These properties increase in size as we add new data every 1-5 seconds. The API does not support trimming the data that is kept by the SampledProperty, so we could run out of memory in the long run (the system runs continuous, 24x7). I can also imagine the performance gets worse with these huge arrays.

Is there some way/trick to trim the amount of data that is kept by SampledProperty outside the API?

Thanks, Willem

We’ll add this to the public API eventually, but for now there is sample code to do it in this issue:

Thanks for the quick reply. This works fine!