Visible Path with SampledPositionProperty

I have a dataSource with an EntityCollection with a couple dozen entities in it, and each one of those entities is using a SampledPositionProperty to show time-series data. Each entity has somewhere between 1000 and 2000 positions specified.

Performance-wise, it seems to show up ok with the entities moving around smoothly. However, as soon as I turn on the "Path" property of the Entity, the performance gets so bad that I can't even zoom in on the globe. Chrome's profiler says that all of the CPU usage (80-90%) is being used in the PathVisualizer (or something, it is late and I have closed that tab). Is there a limit to how many samples can be used in the SamplePositionProperty if you want to show the path?

I did the same thing with the TimeIntervalCollectionPositionProperty and the performance is much better. Unfortunately, I like the smoothness of the movements when using the SampledPositionProperty, but I will give it up if it means that I can't use the globe.

Any ideas?

Well, turns out that resolution may have been the culprit. I had it set to 1, when I removed that and put it back to default, 60, it seems to work as well as when I use the TimeIntervalCollectionPositionProperty.


Thanks for sharing your findings.

I was facing the same issue and spend hours in figuring out what goes wrong and didn’t pay attention to “path”.