Trouble connecting to cesium asset


Our application is having trouble connecting to Cesium 3D tile sets using the URL{asset id}/tileset.json.

The JS console shows a Failed to load resource: A server with the specified hostname could not be found error when attempting to connect. We’re using as a viewer.

There is a thread about this on the GitHub issue tracker: [Bug]Tile3DLayer example is broken · Issue #7550 · visgl/ · GitHub

Also nslookup doesn’t return an answer. Has the URL structure changed?

I’m sorry the recent infrastructure change has caused an issue.

The url was never designed to be hardcoded into applications and is an implementation detail of the GET /v1/assets/{assetId}/endpoint route. Clients should always use the response url property to access asset files.

There are lots of use cases for why this is done this way, for example we can send clients in different geographic parts of the world to different servers, or ion may eventually support geofencing to ensure data remains in a specific geographic region and send clients to those URLs accordingly.

I apologize if the documentation did not explicitly make it clear that this URL should not be cached or assumed. We’ll look into updating the documentation to make this clear.

Is it possible to patch the code to remove this assumption?



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the response. It should be possible to update our application code to use the url property of the GET response. We’ll look into that.

In the very short term, switching the base URL to fixes the issue.

The docs could make the need to avoid hardcoding the URL a bit more clear, so if they can be updated that’s great. Also, the still references which is a bit misleading since the URL doesn’t resolve.

An email advising account holders (especially paying clients) of the infrastructure change and potential side effects would also have been helpful - apologies if one was sent and I missed it.