TrueSky x CesiumSunSky sharing Directional Light

I am using TrueSKY which makes an incredible volumetric Cloud system, but also like the Cesium Sun&Sky actor for UE 4.26…any idea how to make true sky share the same directional light with Cesium so I can have an accurate day/night cycle with accurate sun position?


Cesium for Unreal has not been extensively tested with TrueSky. Since the directional light in the CesiumSunSky actor is a light component that is nested within a blueprint, it looks like it can not just be plugged into the TrueSky actor.

I’ve created an issue for this here in our Github repository. It may be possible by changing the way the CesiumSunSky blueprint works. If you decide to experiment and are able to find a solution for this, please post on the Github issue or here on the forum!

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I haven’t used TrueSky, but you could copy and modify the CesiumSunSky blueprint to either include TrueSky or add export hooks to communicate data with your Truesky setup

It is now fixed, and very easy :slight_smile: thank you very much for the amazing solution.

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