Turn off lighting, shading or whatever manipulating color

I have a point cloud with a Cesium3DTileStyle with a fixed color:

tileset.style = new Cesium3DTileStyle({
  "pointSize": 5,
  "color" : "rgb(128, 128, 128)"

Nevertheless not all points have same gray. Some are light gray and other are dark gray. Is there an option to disable this behavior?

Hm, that should not be happening. Can you post more sample code, a screenshot, or the tileset itself?

Found the reason: I have added normals to PNTS and didn't knew Cesium is using them already to adjust color of each point. I'm currently thinking about a option to disable this behavior, so PNTS files can contain normals but disable adjusting color by an option in Cesium3DTileStyle. But not sure if I really have the need for this option - need to discuss it in my team. I will create a feature request in case we need it ;-). Nevertheless thanks.

Ah I didn’t expect them to have normals, but that makes perfect sense now. I think this behavior could be controlled in the Cesium API rather than in the style. Let us know if you’d like to make a contribution to handle this.