UE5.03 terrain data clipping, Clipping and translucency conflict

After I changed the transparency of the terrain, I added Cesium Polygon Raster Overlay, Add this component to achieve the clipping effect. However, after adding this component, it does not display properly. So I would like to ask that the clipping components do not support translucent materials.
If supported, how to make, clipping components can also be displayed normally under translucent materials.
The first image is a clipping normal display.(Material not modified)

The following picture is shown in error. Under the error display, the grid is gradually clipped according to the distance.(Translucent material)

How are you doing the translucency? I just tried setting the Material property on a tileset with clipping to the MI_CesiumThreeOverlaysAndClippingTranslucent material instance, and the clipping seems to still work just fine.

If you’re using a custom material, you’ll need to make sure that material includes clipping support. Take a look at how it’s done in the material above.

Thank you for your answer. I don’t actually know how to use this MI_CesiumThreeOverlaysAndClippingTranslucent material instance. I just changed M_CesiumBaseMaterial.
Put this material in, It didn’t work.

If you can support both cropping and translucency, Could you tell me your production process in detail.Or tell me how you just used this material instance correctly.
really appreciate.

In the picture, The MI_Cesium material Instance is M _ CesiumBaseMaterial after I modified it.

Unless your tileset is inherently translucent, you need to use the translucent material in the “Material” slot as well. And if you’ve changed M_CesiumBaseMaterial, you may need to undo those changes (you generally shouldn’t modify any of the assets that come with Cesium for Unreal).

I just saw your second message. If you copied it and modified the copy, that’s fine, of course.

Sorry to bother you, I do not understand the use of this material example, please instruct me.

If there’s nothing wrong with my operation, how do you make transparency and cropping work at the same time

If you can, please use pictures to illustrate.

What part don’t you understand? You shared a screenshot showing three fields (Material, Translucent Material, and Water Material). Set all three of those fields to MI_CesiumThreeOverlaysAndClippingTranslucent.

To achieve translucency and cropping work simultaneously, There are a few things I understand:
1.Usage of this material instance. Just put it in here?

2.How can material instances be modified. Just change blend mode to translucent?

I copied M_CesiumBaseMaterial and renamed it M_CesiumOpacity.
To control transparency, I did the following:

This is done in order to control transparency. So we need to change the opacity from 1 to 0.
May I ask if this operation is wrong

  1. No, you need to put it in all three material properties, as I said in my last message.
  2. If you start by copying MI_CesiumThreeOverlaysAndClippingTranslucent, its Blend Mode should already be set to Translucent. I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at here.

This is done in order to control transparency. So we need to change the opacity from 1 to 0.
May I ask if this operation is wrong

That makes sense to me.

I mean, after placing the material instances correctly. If I want to control transparency, what should I do?

You added a terrain_Opacity parameter from a material parameter collection, right? So you just need to set it.

(look for the section titled “Updating Material Parameters Collections Through Blueprints”)

Thanks for your answer, I seem to be beginning to understand.

And there’s another problem.

After the terrain is translucent. The border part is not properly transparent.
Is this a known BUG or is my operation wrong?

Those are the skirts, that are meant to hide the cracks between tiles. They’re properly translucent like the rest of it, but because there’s some overlapping geometry (the normal surface plus a vertical skirt), they appear a different color. There’s currently no solution to that, unfortunately. For Cesium World Terrain it’s possible (but not implemented) to optionally exclude rendering of the skirts. For other tilesets, like Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles, we don’t know which triangles are skirts, so there’s no a good way to exclude them.