Unable to unsubscribe

Sorry to post this here, however I am unable to unsubscribe from email updates from all posts. When sending the unsubscribe email I get a response saying I am not a member. I continue to get notifications of every update.

Any help from the cesium team would be great!

Hmm, I wonder if re-joining the group would allow you to edit your email preferences, and/or unsubscribe for good? Do you get email updates on every new thread and every new post in every thread?

In the mean time I’m looking into if the group admin(s) can do anything on their side.

Thanks Omar. I am getting updates of every thread and and every post within a thread. I configured this months ago for a few reasons, however the daily summary emails now suffice, especially with the recent spike in activity!

The email in question is josh.sinclair@hoverscape.com.au

My new email where I receive the daily summary is josh@trendspek.com

I will try your suggestion of rejoining and modifying preferences tomorrow. Thanks!

Hi Omar, this was my mistake. I had previously viewed the emails raw source and confirmed that it was being sent to josh.sinclair@hoverscape.com.au but upon further investigation it was actually being sent to a legacy Hoverscape google group that I was subscribed too. I am now unsubscribed! Thanks for the advice