Off topic - Google Groups mechanics

I get emails from this group when I post something, but the emails have no link back to the group. If I come here and reply to a post it stays here.
A reply here looks just like an email reply, but if I reply to the email, it doesn’t show up here.

If I want to come back here to post something I have to look up Google Groups, look at ‘my groups’, go to cesium-dev and then look for the relevant post.

These seems awfully convoluted. Am I missing something?

And where’s the preview pain? Aren’t all forums required by law to have a preview pane?

Thank you for the feedback! I honestly wasn’t aware that if you reply to the email that it wouldn’t show up here, that’s not very user friendly. This google group has worked well for us for a number of years, but if it’s not working for the community maybe it’s time to investigate an alternate solution. Has anyone else had difficulty with the forum? If so, please let me know. We’re open to suggestions.

As far as a preview pane, I’m unaware of any legal requirement. The text box is WYSIWYG, so I’m not sure there’s really anything to preview.

I’ve created an issue on our GitHub regarding this so we can track if people are interested in this and discuss alternative options.

Thanks again!


I was kidding about the legal requirement.