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Cesium is a fast, simple, end-to-end platform for tiling, visualizing, and analyzing 3D geospatial data. This community is a place to get help with your Cesium project, discuss geospatial concepts & industry news, and share your work.

We’ve just migrated from Google Groups to Discourse

If you’re joining us from the old forum, welcome back! Make sure to login with same Google account you use on the Google Groups forum to reclaim your new account on here with all your post history:

There’s a lot of things we get with this new forum, like better searchability, better formatting tools, and many modern features like the ability to edit posts. Read more in our transition announcement.

Look around and let us know what you think or if you spot any issues.


What do I do if I have multiple Google accounts I’ve posted on the old forum with?

Those become two separate accounts on this new forum. You’ll need to login in separately with each Google account to reclaim the two accounts.

Sadly I joined from GitHub first but that’s fine…I hate having everything tied into Google anyway :).

Good to see you on here Hank!

It looks like it successfully connected your account anyway, I assume because the GitHub was tied to that same email address. You should see your post history under your public profile: https://community.cesium.com/u/Hank_Grabowski

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Oh that’s good to know!

:heart: the new forum @omar. The interface looks nice and we can also add it to our desktop as a PWA application. It even has badges. Awesome! :100:


Thanks Aristeidis! I feel like there’s so many features we can explore and use now. I just learned you can have desktop notifications on threads that make back and forth discussion a lot more streamlined.

@omar That is true! I enabled them in my profile but I did not get any notification about your message. Is it supposed to work with the desktop application open? Don’t think so… :thinking:

BTW in case you have not noticed it, you have two profiles in the platform :grin:

Ah yes - this is because my main account on the old forum was using my personal gmail. I think there might be a way to merge forum accounts that I’m looking into.

@omar Many of us have personal and company accounts. So I think that it should not be obligatory to merge accounts by default. Just a thought :smiley:

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Did you figure out how to merge accounts?

It’s a manual backend process, but yes we are able to merge accounts for some users.

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