Unable to upload 11.5GB zipped citygml files to cesium ion

I was trying to upload building data to cesium ion from my local directory. Building files details are below
– buildings data uncompressed citygml files - 299 GB
– compressed file - 11.5 GB.
When I am uploading the compressed file, it was uploaded successfully but failed in the tiling process. Error screenshot as shown below


When I try to upload one of those uncompressed files sized 8.5 GB, it was uploaded and tiled successfully.

– Please let me know how to upload huge citygml files.
– Also when we link data directly from the S3 bucket, will it occupy the space of cesium ion? Will the tiling issue of uploading huge files can be overcome when uploading from S3?


Hello Gireesh,

With data this large, we recommend that users submit their data for tiling in batches and generate multiple tilesets, just as you did with the 8.5 GB file. Although we are constantly working to improve our tilers so that they can handle more cases and larger source data, data adding up to ~300 GB is unlikely to succeed in ion at this time.

Another option is to try running the data through the on-premises 3D Buildings Tiler on your local machine, if you wanted to go that route.

When you link source data from your own S3 bucket, the size of the source data does not contribute to your storage limit in ion. Only the size of the output tileset is added.

Submitting source data from your own S3 bucket won’t fully overcome the problem, unfortunately. You’ll still be running into the same limits during the actual tiling process. In the future, we hope to add support for multi-day tiling jobs so that we can eliminate at least one of the barriers around this, as this is something users have requested previously.


ok… thanks matt