Unable to use Base Map imagery from ArcGis


I am facing an issue with the newer version, (url used) of world street map imagery from Arcgis. It does not load the imagery layer for me and does not give any errors in console either.

I tried similar thing in SandCastle with no success.

However, the deprecated imagery works fine. Snippet of how I configured it for usage is as below.

let baseLayer = new Cesium.ImageryLayer(new Cesium.ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider({
url: ‘World_Street_Map (MapServer)

Could this be because, the newer version is not yet supported by CesiumJS?
Could you please advise?

Gaurav Gupta

Hi Gaurav,

Using the URL you specified (https://basemaps.arcgis.com/arcgis/rest/services/World_Basemap_v2/VectorTileServer), I’m seeing a CORS error:

Usually this points to a configuration on the server which does not allow access from other origins (in this case cesium.com). This may be intentional by ESRI to prevent access from outside of their products.

It appears that it’s required to authenticate before you can access the service endpoints. Does your app do this?

While the base service URL has changed, accessing tiles should follow the same template as the deprecated imagery, so I don’t think the new URL itself is the cause of the issue.