Underground Point Cloud - displayed above ground when camera view changes

Hi, we have an issue with an underground point cloud, whereby dependent on the camera viewer position, it incorrectly displays the model above ground.

The screenshots attached demonstrate

  1. Initial flyTo - with point cloud positioned correctly underground
  2. Zoomed out - model now appears above the terrain imagery surface

Is this possibly a viewer setting that we haven’t configured correctly? The expected behaviour was that the model would be hidden under the terrain imagery layer when we navigate above the surface.




Hi @spinksy,

There are two possibillities coming in my mind for explanation:

  1. the setting viewer.scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain is false (default) and must be true => viewer.scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain = true;
    If this setting is false, you can see tilesets through the terrain.

  2. If you zoom out far enough, the terrain gets more and more like the ellipsoid and the points are in fact above the terrain. But I think that is not the case here.

Best, Lennart

Spot on, setting depthTestAgainstTerrain to true gives exactly the result I’m after.

Appreciate your help @lennart.imberg!