Unexpected behavior using trackedEntity with an entity that contains both a model and a billboard

What I have:

I have an entity that has a position, orientation, model, and a billboard set. The 3d model is shown in 3d mode, and the billboard is shown in 2d.

Current behavior:

Without the 3d model, setting the trackedEntity works as expected.

When there is a model set, the trackedEntity works in 3d, but in 2d mode, when only the billboard is visible, nothing happens when i set trackedEntity.

From looking into the cesium code base, it looks like the entity just needs to have a valid position.

Any one have any ideas why this might be an issue? It would be very helpful if i do not need to split this into two entities.

I was able to resolve the issue by added a callback property to the model’s show property, hiding the model when the map is in 2d mode.