Unlit 3D tiles with normals


I have a photorealistic 3D tile model that include normals.
I believe that models without normals are redered unlit. I’ve tried to remove shadows, animation and added a constant light coming from the camera but still I can clearly see the triangles of the geometry.
I’d like to unlit the model so that is rendered as the version without normals.

Here is a sandcaslte with my two versions of the model.

Thanks in advance.
cc @Gabby_Getz

Hi @vruiz,

You can have a 3D Tileset use an unlit lighting model by providing the following customShader option:

customShader: new Cesium.CustomShader({
      lightingModel: Cesium.LightingModel.UNLIT,

Here’s a modified version of your Sandcastle example include that.


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Thank you so much @Gabby_Getz !

That’s exactly what I was looking for.