Update map on removeProperty from entity

Gday all,

So I'm trying to work out if I'm doing something wrong....

I have an entity (essentially a point), and Im successfully adding an ellipse to the entity, when I do so the map automatically updates to reflect the added ellipse.

However when I try to remove the ellipse using entity.removeProperty('_ellipse')
the map does not update...

Is this a bug or is there a way to force the redraw of the entity?


Hello Rowan,

This should work for removing your ellipse:

entity.ellipse = undefined;




Thanks Hannah, that did the job!

I wonder if removeProperty() should set the variable to undefined? I'd be happy to put in a pull request if you thought it was worthwhile...

I think removeProperty is meant for removing a custom property added with addProperty. An ellipse is a default property so that’s why it didn’t work.