Update the execution order of _tileToUpdateHeights

There is an array of ‘this._tileToUpdateHeights = ;’ in QuadtreePrimitive.js for storing ‘QuadtreeTile’. The QuadtreePrimitive.prototype.endFrame function calls the following three functions:
processTileLoadQueue(this, frameState);
updateHeights(this, frameState);
updateTileLoadProgress(this, frameState);
My question is whether the order of the processTileLoadQueue function and the updateHeights function can be reversed. Because the’primitive._tileReplacementQueue.trimTiles(primitive.tileCacheSize);’ in the processTileLoadQueue function will destroy and delete unused’QuadtreeTile’ tiles, making a variable in the _tileToUpdateHeights array no longer meaningful. So whether it is possible to execute the updateHeights function first before executing the processTileLoadQueue function。