Updating in real-time(ish) with live streaming data?

Is there an example, or information, of a previous question answering how to use live streaming data and providing real time(ish) rendering? Specifically I’m thinking of tracking a drones trajectory as its flying. If I can figure that part out I know how to add in the hyperspectral data in as well. Ideally this would be across 3D terrain. In fact in many of the projects I’m thinking of right now it would be terrain using dem data we have generated from previous flights. I could have sworn I saw an example of this but I just can’t find it.

CZML was designed specifically for this use case. Each telemetry update can be turned into a CZML packet containing the time and the new sample value for properties like position or orientation (or both) then pushed from the server to the browser using your choice of technology, such as Web Sockets (preferred) or Server-Sent Events. Then that packet can be loaded into an existing CzmlDataSource by calling process(). Depending on how you want the display to behave, either using ExtrapolationType.HOLD or EXTRAPOLATE would be appropriate.

Ah, thank you that sounds very familiar ro what I thought I had ran into the past but you also provide more info which will be extremely helpful. THANK YOU!