Live Drone video + photogrammetry

Hi can connect a drone to my windows laptop and receive the real-time video and telemetry. I’m interested in achieving the following:

Display a real-time Birdseye video rendered over map. (2D is fine). As the drone flies, past images will remain frozen in position achieving live photogrammetry.

I can see lots of examples of post processing photogrammetry, but can anyone point me in the direction of a resource that details how to achieve my goal detailed above? If there isn’t such a resource, can someone let me know what they recommend I do to achieve this?

Many thanks

Any input on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

I think that first you need to learn how to receive the stream of information that comes over the radio link. And you will need to understand how data packets are transmitted. I think that using Cesium in this case is inappropriate. Look towards Qt, C ++, ArcGIS sdk and various other QT modules.

Hi @kasatik143, thank you for your feedback.

Yes, I can receive the video via the remote controller over USB in RTSP format. I then need to convert this into a Cesium-compatible format to hopefully overlay the video or images over the map as described above.
Even if the real-time motion video 2D overlay is not possible, I’m sure at least real-time photogrammetry must be. I read on here that CZML format may be suitable?

It won’t be me coding. I’m just researching so that I can point my developer in the right direction.