VideoMaterial in cesium

Hello, I need to show a video in 3d and I dont necessarily want it to be projected on the ground I also want it to float in the air and have an angle(according to the view the video is being filming from).
I have downloaded the video branch from git, however I cant get it's examples to work cause of bugs Im getting of missing files.
I was wondering is what Im asking is even possible with the video branch and if so can you give me a working js for it and examples.

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

That branch has not been updated in ages and isn’t really in a usable state. I did pull in the latest master to make it easier to compare in case you want to see what changes:

While I would like to finish up this feature and get it into master, it’s not high on my priority list right now because of everything else we have going on. You should be able to the above code as a reference to solve your own problem though.