Uploading a Custom DataSource WebGL Globe via Google Drive

Hi guys,
I am trying host a Custom DataSource WebGL Globe via Google Drive (Using this system as a server in effect) but have thus far been unable to successfully activate the content (I am trying to feature this content on an external webpage). By any chance has someone been able to achieve this system setup before or is this form of server hosting a lost cause for WebGL content? I am more familiar with using Google Drive as oppose to setting up a Node.js server by myself. Thanks for your advice

Are you just trying to host the content to load into Cesium, or are you hosting your entire site on Drive? I’m not familiar with the latter, but assuming the CORS headers are set on Drive’s servers, the former should definitely be possible. Can you describe in more detail what your set up is?

Also, just to avoid any possible confusion, Cesium has no requirement for a server (Node or otherwise). For example, a quick and easy solution that a lot of people use is GitHub Pages.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your speedy reply!
At first I was trying to load the content back into Cesium in order to edit from here but I am now trying to develop this feature using the WebGL Globe coding (https://github.com/dataarts/webgl-globe) due to the issues I have experienced. This setup using a JSON file which I can edit further down the line to alter the globes data source. In regards to the site, I'm just trying to create this single page as opposed to an entire website using Google Drive as a server.

I originally thought Cesium required a server such as Node to support the creation of content? Is it possible to save from Sandcastle to GitHub or another such host?