Intranet use with Google Earth server

Does anyone have a tutorial/tips/etc for setting up Cesium to use a Google Earth server instance? I’ve been searching around for several days, but I’m not coming across any guidance on this.


Hello Charles,

What are you trying to use the google earth server for?



Hi Hannah,

We’re essentially planning on replacing our google earth plugin with Cesium. The server also hosts content for google earth client and other applications utilizing just the 2d functionality. We currently using the plugin on an intranet site with no internet access.



Okay, cool. Glad you hear you’re interested in migrating to Cesium =)
What kind of data is on the server?

We have a GoogleEarthImageryProvider for displaying imagery

Cesium can also load KML files using the KmlDataSource class.

I’m not incredibly familiar with Google Earth server, but hopefully that’s a little helpful


Hannah, thanks for following up.

We have both maps and terrain data on the server. I’ve tinkered around with the GoogleEarthImageryProvider and successfully loaded the globe, though the refresh on zoom is fairly bad. I believe there must be some sort of translation going on trying to force the terrain data onto the globe and a 2D format. Do you know if there’s any way to get the terrain data to come through, as 3D? Not to mention how to handle the performance issues?

We don’t currently have a google earth terrain provider implemented, so you would have to implement one. Do you know what the format of the data is? I’m not sure if Google documented that, which would make it very difficult to bring into Cesium.
We host world terrain that you are welcome to use in your application. Take a look at this demo for how to add it using a CesiumTerrainProvider: