Access to Google Earth Imagery - Given Deprecation of GE Plug-In, GE Enterprise and Maps Engine


I developed a 3D and 2D web based user interface a couple of years ago using GE Plug-in and Google Maps Engine.

Since Google’s announcement they were deprecating GE Plug-In, Enterprise and their Maps engine I have been trying to ascertain what their future strategy is as it relates to access to Google Earth imagery and Terrain.

I have been looking at Cesium as an alternative technology to render 3D imagery, terrain and objects which looks good. However the image resolution of Bing Maps and others is very ordinary for my target area.

There are various posts in this forum about being able to access Google Earth Imagery using Google Earth Enterprise, however according to, Google Earth Enterprise is also going to die on 12 December along with GE Plug-in and Google Maps Engine follows suit on 29 January 2016.

Does anyone have any heads up on access to google earth imagery in the future for Cesium or any other globe environment.

I would be very grateful for any information.



Cesium ships a GoogleEarthImageryProvider that works with Google Earth Enterprise, so if you have your own enterprise server you will be able to continue to view imagery in Cesium as long as you keep it around.

Cesium itself supports all kinds of imagery options. It sounds like what you are really looking for is a replacement for imagery and terrain in your application. AGI offers the STK World Terrain (which is what you get by default when you enable terrain in Cesium) and there are plenty of commercial imagery providers out there that you can use.

Google does not allow their public imagery servers to be used in anything but Google projects, so it’s impossible for Cesium or any other project to legally provide such functionality as part of Cesium. The ability to use Google imagery and terrain in custom applications is simply going away with just like the Google Earth API.

Hi David,

I'm working with Patrick Cozzi on collecting showcases for the Cesium website: The user interface you developed sounds like it could be a good fit for our demos. Is that something you'd be interested in?