Using Cesium for Globe (Without Ti) Only

Is there a way to use Cesium as for globe (without maps and tiles)?
Actually what i want to do is that i want to make cesium completely offline with no tiles or terrain data (for example: green color only globe).
How can i do that?
I think i should start from cesium/Source/Assets/Textures/NaturalEarthII/
but i don't know how the tilemapresource.xml and folders and images were created.
Does it work if i replace these jpeg images with pure green color (0,255,0) images or when i zoom to much, would i see some distortion?
If i see them, how can i avoid them?

I also want to remove the timeline from the bottom of the screen.
And also i want to replace the space (stars and other stuffs) completely black.

Rendering of map tiles (and i think stars and universe) consumes much CPU and GPU.

I dont want them so why shouldn’t i remove them right?

I just want to get benefit of adding and drawing custom objects, markers, etc to the earth globe.


7 Aralık 2018 Cuma 21:15:16 UTC+3 tarihinde Mustafa Gökçe yazdı:

Hey Mustafa,

You can certainly use the Natural Earth imagery and replace it all with a solid color. Although an easier way might be to just disable the imagery from the viewer. See the imagery layers tutorial or more on that:

Here’s how you can disable that, as well as the timeline and widgets. The skybox doesn’t consume much CPU I think, because it’s just an image, but the script below disables it as well.

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, {

imageryProvider : false,

baseLayerPicker : false,

animation : false,

timeline : false,

skyBox : false



See the viewer docs for more on the widgets and what you can disable:

The default globe color is blue but you can change that as well:

Let me know if that helps! I’m curious, what kind of application are you building?

Dear Omar,

You helped me a lot.
Thank you so much.

I need to create a 3d environment for visualization of an UAV (how far is it from ground station, angles from the axis, height, etc).

I had to go offline because of there can be no internet access in the demo area.

I do not need to tiles may be i can draw some semi tranparent bounding boxes for flight areas or may be draw some flight lines but i saw that cesium already has support for that.

Cesium really has great developing environment and great community.


11 Aralık 2018 Salı 21:35:56 UTC+3 tarihinde Omar Shehata yazdı:

Sounds pretty cool, thanks for the kind words!

Best of luck with your app, and definitely let me know if you run into anything or have feedback on how we can make things even better!