Remove Cesium animator container and

I’m using cesium for google earth map but i want to remove cesium animator


Is it possible to remove this div


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As we see in the Viewer documentation, we can set both animation and timeline to false.

Here is a sandcastle demo that showcases how this can be done.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!


Thanks for the reply, i downloaded the demo, when i was running it bing maps, mapbox satellites view were not visible on the maps image attached below:

Any solution


Thank you for sharing a screenshot. This is somewhat strange behavior. It appears like we have the WGS 84 globe but not textures, imagery, or topology. Are you currently using Cesium ion for this application? If so, I would start by ensuring that you have the correct access tokens set up in your development environment. Our CesiumJS Quickstart tutorial does a great job covering access tokens!

Looking forward to learning more!


Thanks for the reply yes i have access token i will try it, can you please check this question Capture zoom out event actually i want to capture zoom event as soon as a zoom point is achieved then i have to changed the layer image

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Great! Give that a try. I will get to your questions as soon as possible. There has been overwhelming inbound of forum posts recently, so your patience is appreciated :grinning: