Using CZML assets in Unreal Engine

Hi Cesium Team,
I added the CZML file to “My Assets” in Cesium ion and confirmed that the object is displayed in the Cesium ion viewer.
The asset is displayed in the list of assets in the Unreal Engine, but as you can see in the image below, “This type of asset is not currently supported”.

So my question is, do you have any plans to implement CZML support in the future?
Best Regards,

Hello @ctc-watanabe,

While we do plan to eventually support vector formats like CZML in Cesium for Unreal, we don’t have a timeline on that feature yet. Please visit this post for further discussion - How to use vector data?kml;shp - #3 by Shehzan_Mohammed


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Hello, @agallegos,
Thank you for your quickly reply.
I’m looking forward to implementing the function in the future.
And I will check the topic.
Thank you!

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