How to use vector data?kml;shp

How to load KML and SHP data, KML can’t be added, SHP can’t be recognized, so I need help on how to use area vector data


Same here, I would love to simply import Kml file so I can animate a GPS trajectory into UE.
You can try to import a CSV following this tutorial insted but it doesn’t do exactly what I want…

You can also wait for a release of this plugin

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Hi All

Vector file formats like GeoJSON, KML, Shapefiles are highly requested features, in the context of Unreal Engine, as well as with Cesium ion and CesiumJS.

We do not currently have a way to bring in these formats into Cesium for Unreal as we’re focusing on improving the 3D workflows and usability, with vector data formats coming later (not timeline yet). Bringing in large amounts of vector data over 3D terrain also requires being able to tile the vector formats, which we currently do not do as part of Cesium ion. This is also something we’re looking to enable to that the end user experience is as optimized as it can be.

These improvements are going to take time to complete, from a spec, tiling, and runtime support point of view. So please bear with us.

In the meantime, please do add your requests for vector data and how you plan to use it. This will allow us to ensure that when we’re developing these features and pipelines, we’re taking real world use-cases into account and optimizing for those.


Hello! Adding my use case here: I’d like the ability to import vector formats so that I can view geospatial data across medium to large extents. For example, I regularly have datasets of several hundred points and polygons, spanning anywhere from a small city to several countries. I maintain these points within a QGIS or Google Earth project, and I would like the ability to import those layers into Cesium for Unreal and have some control over how they are represented (such as thickness/color/fill for polygons and shape/size/color for points). To some extent, the ideal is to have a level of styling similar to what is offered by Mapbox, but to have that map integrate into the 3D globe provided by Cesium/Unreal Engine as opposed to being stuck in a flat, mapping space. Thank you!

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