Existing pipelines to import vector data? Is there support for kml/kmz/shp files?

Hi there, I’m wondering about the currently available pipelines for importing and streaming in vector information using Cesium for Unreal. I have a dataset that lives in a Google Earth Pro project, and contains 100 locations spread out over 200 square miles, and the goal is to export these locations as a kml/kmz, upload the file to Cesium Ion, and then stream it into Unreal via the Cesium plugin, in order to produce a video where each location is represented as some sort of dot. However, when I attempt to import my Ion Asset into my UE4 project, the Cesium Ion Assets panel in UE4 says “this type of asset is not currently supported”. I take this to mean that Cesium for Unreal isn’t currently supporting vector information import.

Are there any workarounds or existing pipelines to get this relatively simple dataset into Unreal and represent each point as some kind of object?

Some workarounds that come to mind but that I don’t currently know how to implement:

  • Create a level blueprint that takes in a spreadsheet with the locations of each point, and assigns an actor to the location of each point so that it can be represented in the project. That sounds sensible but I don’t know how I would reference Cesium’s ECEF coordinate system instead of UE4’s world coordinate system.
  • Somehow convert the kml/kmz into a set of 3D meshes or into a pointcloud such that it can be fed to Cesium Ion in a more comfortable format. Not sure how to go about this without losing each point’s georeference.

Any advice or guidance is much appreciated.


This was just answered in a similar post here - How to use vector data?kml;shp - #3 by Shehzan_Mohammed

If you are able, please add on to that post with more information about your use case so that we can steer future development!

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Thank you! I have added my use case there.

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