Ability to render CZML / KML Data in Unity?

Hi team,

Is it possible to process / render CZML / KML data in Cesium for Unity?

No, sorry. The initial Cesium for Unity preview release is primarily focused on 3D Tiles rendering.

I will have the same question for UE, are there plans to have more Cesium features in UE or Unity like CZML? When will there be UnReal for Cesium?

@Kevin_Ring, is this already being worked on? My team has a requirement to display this type of data. Specifically CZML.

Are there any workarounds?

If not, do you accept contributions?

If you do accept contributions, is there someone we could talk to regarding implementation beforehand? This is a very large featureset, so contributions would likely be scoped down according our use case. Would this need to be done in native C++ or can it be done in C#?


No, it’s not being worked on, and is not in our near-term roadmap. I’m not aware of a workaround.

We love contributions! Ideally, most of it would be implemented in C++ (and probably even in cesium-native), so that the code can be shared with Cesium for Unreal and Cesium for O3DE. We haven’t given a lot of thought to the implementation, but if you’re going to take this on, I highly recommend taking a look at the implementation in CesiumJS as a reference and guide. It’s probably worthwhile to show us your progress early and often, too, because a single large pull request at the end can be very challenging to accept.