using lower resolution terrain mesh / show just an area

I’m looking for solutions to tune the performances of Cesium on older PC / devices, I think there are two ways that are theorically quite simple:

  • every 3D tile in Cesium terrain has multiple resolution, and the stream engine loads the lower / higher complexity one depending on the needs, when the camera is close to the terrain it (correctly) uses the highest resolution mesh available. Is it possible to tune the algorithm that choose the resolution of the mesh to load? I imagine that loading a lower resolution mesh it should be enough to reduce the polygonal complexity of the scene / the data transfers (at the cost of a lower detail, but with this possibility I can choose the best compromise)
  • I’m displaying trails in a delimited area. Can I render just this area, prevent other tiles / imagery to load? (the best solution is load low detail tiles and/or without imagery outside the area, but I’m trying to keeping it simple :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi Claudio,

Cesium3DTileset.maximumScreenSpaceError determines what level of detail to load based on a tile size relative to the size of the display. The value may need to be tweaked to achieve the right balance of performance and visual quality. Set this value to a higher number to improve performance. The default is 16.

Clipping Planes can keep areas outside of a region from rendering, and if tiles are completely hidden by a clipping plane, they won’t be requested.

There’s also a list of more performance tweaks you can make in this thread here:!topic/cesium-dev/kk8fzmbQObQ

Hope that helps, thanks!