Using MaterialProperty with custom combined materials

Hey, I want to define new material which is combination of two materials which have uniforms with the same name like image and color.
It would something like:
fabric : {
materials : {
arrowMaterial : {
type : ‘PolylineArrow’,
uniforms : {
color : Cesium.Color.YELLOW
dashMaterial : {
type : ‘PolylineDash’,
uniforms : {
color : Cesium.Color.RED
}, …

I want to create also MaterialProperty for this material to use in entity. What should be the schema of the getValue method return type if I want different colors for the two combined materials.


Hi there,

I believe this thread answers all parts of your question.

Hey, thanks. I already familiar with this thread. The code that i wrote in the question is only example. My question is how to use the syntax of combined materials, as each material has it’s own uniforms, with the material property as the function get value returns all the uniforms flatted. In the code it seems that the return value is written to the root uniforms object of the fabric schema.