Vector Tile formats supporting CesiumJS

Hi Team,

Im building a cloud mapping application using CesiumJS to render custom generated vector tiles to drape them on Globe viewer object as UrlTemplateImageryProvider object.

Could you please someone help config what are all the vector tiles formats cesium globe support (including via external plugins).

As I understand, latest MBTile, PMTiles, COMTiles, PBF tiles are not technically supported so far. Would be appreciated if someone could confirm.


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I would be particularly interested in PMTiles (aka Protomaps) support -
both for vector tiles as well as using them for terrain


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We don’t officially support any vector tile formats or plugins at the moment.

The only third party plugin I’m aware of if MapBox Vector Tiles via cesium-vector-provider.

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Thanks for the response, @Gabby_Getz . I see there are custom plugings written but none of them are production-eligible solutions as of now.

Could you please confirm, what is the most efficient approach(faster, scalable to thousands of concurrent uses) to render vector base maps? slippy {z}/{x}/{y} map tiles cached in CDN or WMTS etc?


If you have rasterized vector base maps, there are many efficient ways to render it. See our imagery tutorial for information on how to do so.