Vertex data precision problem

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When I use the command to draw a polygon, the result of the drawing is dithered as the angle of view moves. I suspect that it is a vertex data precision problem, but I don’t know how to solve it.

Are you able to show code to reproduce this in Sandcastle ( How large is the polygon?

A lot of CesiumJS’s code packs positions into 64 bits (by splitting them into two vec3 attributes) to avoid precision problems with very large values.


This link: is my problem and code.

When I used world coordinates to draw yesterday, the result was a clutter of vertex clutter. Each vertex was inconsistent with the direction of the angle of view. I also tried to convert the world coordinates using Cesium.EncodedCartesian3.fromCartesian API and pass it to position3DHigh and position3DLow, but did not solve the problem, now I am converting the world coordinates to the local coordinate system, the vertex values are not more than 10, but there are many decimals, although the resolution of each vertex is inconsistent, but there is still jitter problem.

By the way, there is a problem in the code, I pass the depth map passed to postStage, by changing the source code, in order to let my code use it, but when I parse it depth, I find that the result is always negative, so the rendering is Black, I sincerely hope that you can help me solve it together, thank you very much.

Hey, I know that I am doing this wrong. Since I uploaded the code on git, I really hope that you can take the time to help me.

The first thing to go to work every morning is to open the forum and open the git repository. I hope you can give it to me. Thank you very much!

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