View different views 2d and 3d in parallel

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In which way is it possible to view 2d and 3d in one browser window and synchronize this view ?

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In same cases, i.e. navigation, it is easier to do a task in 2d

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Are you trying to do something like this example?

Note that this creates two Cesium viewers, so if you’re creating entities/adding data sources, you’ll need to add them to both viewers and maintain that state (so if you remove it from one viewer, you’ll have to remember to remove it from both viewers to maintain the state).

Hello Omar, yes this is similar to that I’m looking for, but I would like to have sync in both directions. For me it is clear, that I have to take care on the datasets.


Hi Omar,

I have tested the test-case, one Problem is that the zoom-factor doesn’t fit. See Screenshot.

Other question - is it possible to sync in both directions without a infinity Loop ?



Hi Omar,

didi you see y comment - do you have an idea concerning the zoom ?


One map is a globe, the other is a 2d flat texture with the same texture of the globe, which means the more you go north/south, the more it will stretch. Although the zoom is the same, the 2D texture will stretch and it will looks different.

What do you mean by is it possible to sync in both directions without a infinity Loop ?


I thought that, if I look at the same part it should be displayed in a similar scale/zoom level. In the screenshot you see that the 2d view has in my opinion a different zoom level than the 3d view - i think that this could be confusing for a user.

In the example the movement is synced from 3d to 2d - I think about a movement in both direction from 3d to 2d and from 2d to 3d but this means that you have to decided when to stop the sync.



one more aspect - is the 2D view in Cesium plain Lat/lon - EPSG 4326, WGS84 - or is it possible to use a projection in the 2D view ?

When I think about this - then it is clear for me that a OSM-Map in 2D is sheared depending on the latitude. Then the question would be is it possible to draw a 2D OSM in Web-Mercator projection ?

Or do I have to use a sync between OL3 and Cesium for such aspects ?