Multiple synced 3D views

I understand that cesium is supporting multiple synced views(3D and 2D) as in below sandcastle example.

However, Is there a way to have multiple 3D synced views. It is possible to sync the position and zoom, but I don’t know how to sync the 3D rotation. Please help me with this?
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I assume you got the 3D sync views to work, but the rotation is not syncing. Is this a correct assumption?

I made a Sandcastle with the 3D views side by side, where the rotation does sync.

What I did here was I replaced the 2D view parameters (starting from line 10) with the exact same parameters as the 3D view from the original Sandcastle you posted above.

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Hello dzung,

Thank you for the help and prompt reply. I got that working earlier. What I meant by rotation is Ctrl + left/Right click rotation. That is what I am struggling to sync. Is there any solution for that.
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