View Features on the Other Side of the Globe

Hi Cesium folks,

Is there any known way to view entities or primitives that normally would be hidden from view because the globe is in the way?

I’ve attached a file illustrating the issue. Sometimes I want to show the equivalent of the “whole world”, in order to all of the points where there is data, even if they are “behind” the globe.
If the data is small enough, you can just move the camera to the right spot and you’ll be able to view them all. But in the attached case, there is no single camera position that will capture all the buried treasure entities. At least one will always be blocked by the globe.

Sorry, but I don’t think there is a way to make Cesium draw entities that are on the other side of the globe.



In Cesium 1.33, which will be released in May, there will be a new setting that will allow you to show billboards, labels, and points that are behind the globe or other objects. See #5166.

There will also be a new ability to set a separate polyline material for the parts of the polyline that are behind terrain or objects. See #5160.