ViewShed3D Analysis

Hello! I am trying to get ViewSed3D Analysis.

new Cesium.ViewShed3D(viewer, {
        horizontalAngle: 50,
        verticalAngle: 50,
        distance: 200,

Using this over a 3d Model (Cesium3DTileset) as result I am seeing the red/green zones as shown in the screenshot.

My question: Is there a way to get any information about the red/green zones: example: the area of each red/green zones or how many % one of the zones or any other information related to it.
The goal is to be able to calculate how many of to provided area is visible from the placed point

My second question is is it possible to export this ViewSed3D output somehow. (in another 3d model, geojson or something else) ?

Hi @Valentin_Peshev , You havn’t shared viewshed source code. It seems like you are using PostProcessStage - Cesium Documentation. You can try to get visible area ratio from the fragmentShader code. It’s just an idea, I’ve never worked on shaders.

I hope someone else can give you better direction to solve your issue.

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@Jacky Thank you for your answer.
Now I understand better how that works.I hadn’t noticed that this ViewShed3D method is external in the project (I thought its a Cesium built it feature).
Yes its using PostProcessStage but the source code is minified and a little bit hard to understand whats happening there.

I will be helpful if somebody else could suggest a solution for my questions:

  1. Looking for a way to create 3d ViewShed Analysis as shown in the screenshot (get how many % is hidden and visible from selected point)