Waiting for the sales team

Hello, i send a message to the sale team last week and i still have no answer yet, i just wanted to know how much time do i have to wait because my company would like to have an idea of a price for the cesium world terrain licence .


I pinged our sales folks after you mentioned this yesterday, and Jim Beckley says he emailed you shortly after. Perhaps it went to your spam folder?

Hi, i did not receive any mail, my mail is : hugo.lammens@scalian.com

Ok, thanks, I’ll make sure Jim has the right email address.

thanks, just another question , the earth i will get with that licence is the same than the one in online mode ?

I mean this one :

The geometry - the shape! - is Cesium World Terrain, and you can license the whole thing. The satellite imagery textures you see, however, are from Microsoft Bing Maps, and those cannot be licensed for offline use, at least not from us. You can license Sentinel-2 satellite imagery from us instead, though. You can try out Sentinel-2 by adding it to your scene using the Cesium panel in Cesium for Unity.

Ok so, Cesium World Terrain is not the earth ? but Sentinel-2 is ? Not sure to understand sorry.

And i got this error in cesium with sentinel-2 imagery :

Cesium World Terrain is terrain. Elevation data. Heights. Rendered by itself, it would have mountains and valleys, but be all one solid color. Satellite/aerial imagery like Bing Maps or Sentinel-2 is draped on top of it to give the familiar look of a globe.

That error doesn’t make much sense. You’ll have to walk me through what you did to get that.

I clicked here
but nothing happen and i go this error

Hmm maybe try going to the Cesium ion web site, Asset Depot tab, and make sure that Sentinel-2 has been added.

I just closed and reopen unity and thats working idk

Any idea about the radius of the earth if i don’t change the scale ?

I’m not sure what you mean.

I mean, if i put the earth on my project, without modifying it, do you have any idea about the length of the radius of the globe ?

And still nothing from Jim Beckley…

So, if i want the earth i have to licence Cesium Wolrd Terrain and Sentinel-2 or they both are together ?

We use the WGS84 ellipsoid model as the basis of anything georeferenced in Cesium for Unity. You can get the radius of this ellipsoid with the CesiumWgs84Ellipsoid.GetRadii() function. Keep in mind that it is an ellipsoid, and not a sphere, so the radii will be different depending on the axis (X, Y, or Z). You can use the CesiumWgs84Ellipsoid.GetMaximumRadius() or the CesiumWgs84Ellipsoid.GetMinimumRadius() functions if you want a simpler radius, depending on your use case.

We asked Jim to try and contact you again; you can also contact him at jim@cesium.com if you aren’t seeing his emails. Please give it a few days before pinging on the forum again :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for this, for now i put object on the earth with coordinate and the radius of the sphere, higher i increase the radius, closer the object will be from the center of earth, but with an ellipsoid and not a sphere, im not sure that will be the same thing.

On my project, my earth was a earth and we were placing object like that :

So, stop me if i’m wrong but with an ellipsoid, i don’t have to do Vector3(x,y,z)radius but Vector3(xradiusx,yradiusy,zradiusz) ? If i’m right, how do i get the radius belong one axe and how do i have to use this fonction in unity because i don’t see any cesium class or script or anything else ?