Water animation

I’ve enabled water animation by following the sandcastle materials demo.

primitive.appearance.material = new Cesium.Material({

fabric : {

type : ‘Water’,

uniforms : {

specularMap: ‘…/images/earthspec1k.jpg’,

normalMap: require.toUrl(‘Assets/Textures/waterNormals.jpg’),

frequency: 10000.0,

animationSpeed: 0.01,

amplitude: 1.0




The demo applies the water material to a rectangle to create water animation effects.

How does CesiumTerrainProvider differ in its implementation of water animation?

I need to understand how water animation has been implemented to make changes to

the GeoserverTerrainProvider plugin which doesn’t support the waterMask feature properly.

Also when I ran the above code on my machine the animated water had a tiled appearance which wasn’t present in the sandCastle.

Any ideas on how to fix this?