Web map Imagery Provider : CORS issue

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to use the WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider in order to show weather on my viewer.

When I use the third example described in the related doc, i’ve the CORS Same Origin issue.

I tried to transform the url in resource to add appropriate missing header parameters but without success.

Could you help ?

For the record, i’m running cesiumjs into a JEE environment.


Hi @cssnjbc,

I have the exact same problem, running on javascript

Hi @cssnjbc,

have you found a solution for this problem?

Hi Simon !
Not yet unfortunatly…

Thanks for your fast reply.
I have already thought about a proxy to surpass that problem…

Thanks for your answer.
In my case, i’m not using proxy but if you are using one, it could be part of this issue.

I’m currently trying to force CORS allowing process into my web.xml file

There’s a good primer on CORS here on MDN. The most commonly used example is a bank website: if the user is logged into mybank.com, and also visits your site evil.com, any requests made by code running in the context of evil.com to mybank.com include the header Origin: https://evil.com. The browser will make the request but won’t let the code have the response it gets back unless there is a response header Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://evil.com (or *, but only if you’re not including credentials.)

Simon, I saw your other post, the problem is you’re trying to set a response header on your request. The point of CORS is that the server can declare (via the ACA-Origin header) when a resource is allowed to be accessed from a different origin. You don’t get to decide that as a client.

Both of you need to look at the service you’re requesting data from – sounds like that’s tile imagery? If the service is under your control, you can look for “CORS header (name of your web server software)” and find a guide for how to add static or dynamic CORS headers to outbound requests. If the service is not under your control, you’ll have to proxy requests through another server that you do control, which can either be in the same origin as where your site is hosted, or add ACA-Origin headers before forwarding the response.

Hi @James_B,

thank you very much for your replay.
We are already working on a proxy, because the imagery service is not under our control.

Thank you!