Webgl cannot be used

I am not a professional js programmer, I only know how to use unity. I need webgl that can be generated in unity

Hello @a87645507,

Can you provide some further clarification on what you are trying to do? In particular:

  • What is your desired outcome? A webGL build of your Cesium for Unity project?
  • What error messages or issues are you seeing?


A webGL build of your Cesium for Unity project

Thank you for clarifying. Can you provide any error messages you are seeing, or more detail about the issue with creating a WebGL build?

Hi @Wang_Allen and @a87645507,

As mentioned in other forum threads, WebGL is not supported in Cesium for Unity, and it may be difficult to implement since Cesium for Unity uses native code. In the mean time, we offer a pure WebGL rendering engine with CesiumJS, which we have tutorials for here.