Weird color bleeding issues on billboards in Cesium 1.30

Hi there,

If I update to Cesium 1.30 my billboards all start bleeding their colours through to each other.

Please see this sandcastle example to see what I am talking about:

If you zoom in and out on that so that the coloured billboards are overlapped you will notice the green and yellow bleeding into each other for some reason. It seems like a graphical glitch.

You can see a screenshot of the issue here where there is obvious blending of colours where the globe of the right-most billboards is under the text of the left-most billboards:

By comparison, this was what it looks like in 1.29 when it works perfectly:

Thanks for your time!


Thanks for including the code example! I was able to reproduce this easily.

In 1.30 we had a fix that make the transparent part of billboards act transparent instead of occluding things that were behind them. It looks like we may have gone a little too far and now parts of the other billboard are showing through the solid part of the image. I’ve filed an issue on our github so we can look into it:



Thanks Hannah!

You’re always quick and helpful with these forum posts, I really appreciate it.