Canvas darkness issue - Version 1.52 and up

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Curious as to whether anyone else has noticed this. We recently upgraded to 1.52 from 1.5 and noticed the cesium canvas constantly looks dull, as though there is a transparent dark layer on top. It also effects the billboards, and as an experiment we changed the billboard colour to white, colour picker reads this colour as #D1D1D1

To clarify, this effects the entire canvas and not just the billboards. White billboards are just a quick way to visualise the problem.

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Sandastle link

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observed on all platforms in 1.52 and 1.53, not present in 1.5

I think the color changes are related to the new HDR rendering, which allows colors to be in a broader range, which then get tonemapped before being displayed. So if something was already in the standard range it might have been dulled by the tonemapping

You can turn it off by setting the boolean on the scene:

Let me know if that turns out to be the cause of the change.

Hi Omar,

Thanks for the reply, but it doesn’t seem to be effected by HDR rendering being set to false,

Interestingly I have just opened our application/the sandcastle on an old computer (OSX 10.10.5 safari 10.1.1, Intel HD Graphics 6000) and the white shows as white with HDR being on or off. It would make sense that HDR rendering was not supported on the older machine, but changing the boolean does not change the appearance on current hardware/browsers.


The HDR false setting helped us with this issue on Win 10 w/ Intel 4600 and Nvidia Quadro K4100M.

Thanks for reporting that it works for you Ashley!

To Josh, so when you open the Sandcastle in your first post, and set:

viewer.scene.highDynamicRange = false;


On the second line, do you any color change? Does the globe color change but not the billboards?

Hi Omar,

Sorry for the confusion! I am not sure how I missed it before but this actually does solve the problem we were experiencing - white is white again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your prompt help, very much appreciated