grayish appearance

Is there some way to improve / remove the gray complexion of the the view? I replaced the skybox with completely white images, but its still a very dull gray color.
thanks. I’ve attached an image.

Yeah I wouldn’t expect the map to look this gray. Can you post a Sandcastle ( example of your code so I can take a look?

Hey Omar,
here ya go. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Alright, so this is an issue because we implemented HDR a few versions ago. If you turn if off with:

smallviewer.scene.highDynamicRange = false;


You can see the background becomes correctly white. With HDR, you can get whites that are “whiter than white”, so the fully white image you set as a Skybox, after tonemapping, because that dull grey. I believe the default sky box in Cesium is an HDR image so it uses that full range.

thanks very much Omar!