White Background instead of stars and Removing the sun


I am very new to Cesium and have been trying to create a web page for my job such that there is a Cesium globe with white background with no sun or stars. How would I do that? I deleted the star images from Cesium-b18 installation folder which did remove the stars. I then added white images of the same names with the same size in the Textures/SkyBox folder but still the background is black.

I am also tying to add my own tiles generated from MapTiles but that does not seem to work. The tiles inside the Cesium-b18 folder do work though which is what I do not understand.

Also, how is the Sandcastle useful? I tried using the code from the sand castle into my server but it did not work. What is the relation between sandcastle and the code for Cesium from your own server.

Please Help!!

Thanks in advance.

If the sun and stars have already been created, destroy them and set them to undefined:


scene.skyBox = undefined;


scene.sun = undefined;

And to set the background color to white:

scene.backgroundColor = Color.WHITE.clone();


Thank you Dan.It did work!

so to remove the atmosphere it would be:


scene.skyAtmosphere = undefined;

but i am still getting blue atmospheric lines at the edge…would you know what i am missing?