What about the Enable World Composition in Unreal Engine 5?

Hi! I’m fairly new to cesium and I’m currently learning how to set it up inside Unreal Engine 5.1.1

I’ve been following all of the documentation you have without a problem, but i have a quick question. In the Unreal-sublevels topic Building Global Scenes with Georeferenced Sublevels – Cesium The way the subleves are set in this documentation is by using the “Enable World Composition” wich, as far as i know, this feature was deprecated and replaced by the World partition.
I don’t know if this could mess my sublevels later on, or my build so hence why I’m asking what to do?, Is there any other more recent way to create sublevels, should I ignore the warning about World composition being deprecated? Is there a way to use world partition, how? THANKS!

Same here :frowning_face:

Currently World Composition is the only option, despite it being deprecated. It should still work fine in UE 5.1. We’re working on a replacement as we speak.