What I would like to see in 2020

Better support

Better support

Better support

Better support


Ok, not just that, it would be nice on 2020 to have:

  1. entyties (billboards, poilylines, etc) working on iOS 10 - Actually them don’t show up.

  2. polylines: distanceDisplayCondition property working on mobile - Actually it’s not working

  3. globe.maximumScreenSpaceError working. - Actually it seem that this property is useless (except for decreasing quality).

  4. Transition between different zoom level tiles are loaded (like Mapbox).

We do have dedicated support if you’re on a commercial Cesium ion account! See: https://cesium.com/contact/support/

Thanks for the other suggestions. Fade in/fade out transitions is something I’ve been pushing for too.

Entities working on iOS is something that we are looking forward as well… It seems that in latest iOS (both Safari and Chrome), lines, polygons and billboards could have various rendering problems. For us, polygons could never render correctly on latest iOS - we are implementing features allowing users to draw polygons by placing vertices one by one.

Thank you so much for contributing to this excellent framework, and we would like to hear more about this update… Also if anything we could help contribute to the project, please inform us (when the work item is in low priority or when all contributors’ buckets are full, we would like to help with this kind of features/issues)