What is cartographic and what we use for it?

I try to understand what is cartographic? and I can not found enough explain, can someone explain it why we use it and what for we use?

I know Cartesian3 is mean 3 dimensional x,y,z
lng,lat(WGS84) for locations also we can change it to radians

And we can convert cartesian3 to locations or vice versa but I did not understand cartographic.

This is the Cartographic coordinate; latitude (or projected northing), longitude (or projected easting), height (optional). Latitude and longitude can be expressed in a myriad of ways, but more commonly these days as degrees (because the GPS standard use WGS84), but radian calculations are sometimes faster, so still a much used option.

Is your question around coordinates in general, or just what Cesium call Cartographic?



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Thank you for answer Alex its very enough for me.

Can you explain what cesium call Cartograohic too if there is a difference ?


Cartographic is what Cesium calls a lat,long,height coordinate (sometimes called a geodesic or geodedic coordinate).